10 Tips to Stay Safe While Travelling

When visiting new countries you get exposed to a lot of new experiences and situations. We want to make sure you stay safe while travelling so that you can enjoy your time and make the most out of it.

That is why no one wants to get robbed or have some bad moments during their trip. In order to avoid this kind of situations we have to consider some things.

We want to share with you in this post our 10 best tips on how to stay safe while travelling. It doesn’t mean that following this steps will avoid to 100% you getting robed, but it will decrease your chances.

1. Inform yourself about your destination

It is always very important to inform yourself deeply about the place you are travelling too. The best way is to ask locals. They are the ones that will know better where you can go and where not, and what things to do or not.

Search also on the internet and read from other peoples experience. This will give you a inside on the place from the sight of another tourist.

I can understand that you might want to see as much as possible, but know where to go and where not to. Or at least know with whom to go.

2. Speak the language

Speaking the language of the country you visiting will help. It will make you be a part of the community and won’t let you feel as much as a tourist. It makes you blend much more in, even if you have an accent.

If you go around just shouting English or another language you will draw much more attention.  You will have written on your forehead: I AM A TOURIST! Which brings me to the next point.

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3. Don’t walk around looking like a tourist

This is one of the things that you see a lot. That tourist that you can tell from miles away that he is one. With that tourist look with flip-flops, socks, shorts a hat and camera. Leave that look at home! Try to avoid multifunctional clothes that scream TOURIST! As well as overdressed with high heels and clothes that will make you stand out.

See how the locals dress and act and try to blend in. Act like they do, and try to dress like they do. If not you will be asking to get robbed.

Here in Ecuador we see it a lot. We see people with multifunctional clothes, the backpack, cameras… Even without they speaking you know they are tourist. Things like your skin or hair colour you won’t be able to hide, but if you act like one of them chances that you get robbed will be less.

4. Always be aware of your things and keep them safe

Only take with you the things that you need for the day. Don’t take all your money with you, or all your valuables. Always try to have only what you really need. With money take only money for the day.

If you need to take more with you, or you are travelling from one place to another make sure to have your passport and money close to your body. Having a money belt is a great idea for such situations.

Make sure you know what you are carrying around with you and before leaving places to make sure that you are not leaving anything behind.

5. Avoid being alone

When going out, specially at night try to always be with more people. A single person is easier to attack than a group.

If you are alone is better to take a cab to get you safe to your location. In many countries there are also not registered taxis. This usually are not as safe as the registered ones. Make sure to have a number or app for registered taxi to get safe home.

6. Carry copies of your documents

Before you leave make sure to make copies of your documents. This is very important in case that something does happen.

While not travelling from one place to another leave your passport at the hotel or in a safe place. Carry with you a copy of it, that should be fine for anything else you might need it. You can also scan your documents to be on the safer side.

Here in Ecuador we take with us just our ID, so if we loose it it is not as bad as loosing the passport, and we can still travel around.

7. Spread your cash

Don’t have all your cash and valuables together. Try to spread them. Have part of your cash in your wallet and a part somewhere else so that if something happens you are not left with nothing.

Same thing for credit cards. If you have more than one, don’t take all with you. Take one with you and leave the rest in a safe place like locked in the hotel or hostel.

I didn’t do that when travelling to Prague. I had my money, my cards and everything except my ID (Thank God!) in my wallet. It got stoled even before getting to the hostel and I was left with nothing. My 2 cards where gone. I was lucky I was travelling with a friend who could pay for my thing until I got back home.

8. Get a travel insurance

This is very important. We always think that nothing is going to happen to us. But having a travel insurance is very important. You never know what might happen.

Even more if you are going to places like the US where medical attention can cost you ten times more than in other countries.

You can have your things ensured too, or just a health insurance. I always get just a health insurance, materials can be replaced. But if you feel safer, or are travelling somewhere where criminality rate is very high you can also consider it.

9. Don’t get wasted

When travelling, a lot of people also want to experience the night life. This involves drinking and for some people even taking drugs.

Don’t over do this. When you do this your senses are numbed, your guard is down and you are less aware of your surroundings. This makes you an easier target for robberies. Specially when you are a place you are not familiar with and you don’t know your surroundings.

Most robbery stories start with I got drunk, so be careful. You can have exactly as much fun without getting totally wasted.

10. Don’t be scared, just be careful

So we believe that as long as you are confident and take safety precautions you should be fine. And if something happens it happens, as well as it could have happen at home or anywhere else.

The key is to make sure you always follow the steps above, that you are aware of the things you have and that you make everything you can to be save. Make sure where to go and where not to.

Most things that happen are because the person wasn’t careful enough and was an easy target. As hard as it sounds, most of the times it is our fault. Of course there are other situations that we couldn’t have changed.

Travel confident and try to blend in. If you take the precautions needed you will fill safer yourself and you will be able to judge better the situations. This will make you enjoy more your trip and meet people and adventurous places.

Trust you instincts and when you are in a situation that you don’t feel safe, make something to get out of it. Go to a place that you feel safer. Don’t disregard bad or strange feelings.

If you have any more tips let us know. And don’t forget to travel safe!



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