First 3 Steps to Earn Money Online

A lot of people dream about a life where they can do what ever they want. We also want the same.  We dream about travelling the world.  With a normal 9to5 job that’s often not possible. Even if you have a job where you get to travel a lot, it is not the same. In those kind of jobs you can’t chose where and when to go, or how long you want to stay. 

I think a lot of people have the wish to just earn money online, don’t you agree?

But is that only a dream or can it be achieved?

Before we get into that I want you to imagine a life where you don’t need to wake up way early just to work for someone you don’t even like.

Does that sound interesting to you?

Well for us as well. That is the reason why have been educating ourselves for the past 8 months in every aspect on this topic. We read tons of books about Online marketing, Funnel Hacking, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, WordPress… We also went trough a lot of courses because we really want to achieve the life we dream about.

If you are not familiar with terms like funnel or affiliate don’t worry, we will write about all of that more in detail on our journey.

We know that currently we haven’t reached much and that we are not earning millions with this online thing here. But we managed to make our first 100$ while we were sleeping and doing nothing. So at least we already took the first step, and that is starting. 

Earn money online with your laptop

We didn’t have to do surveys or had to beg our friends to join our network marketing team. The only thing we had to do is follow our passion, learn and never give up.

I honestly believe that everyone is able to achieve the same. Even if it is just 100$ a month. It’s 100$ more than you have now, right? 

1. Passion 

You just need passion for one topic. It needs to be something that you would never get tired of. Something you know a lot about, more than the average people. Usually most people choose their hobby. For example if you love playing Golf and you play it every day then you probably know more about it than 80% of the people.

So if you give someone valuable tips about it why shouldn’t you get a pay-check for it? You are an Expert in your field and experts get paid, right?

2. Learning

And thats why you have to start learning everything about Affiliate marketing that is out there. We say affiliate marketing because it is the easiest way to join the digital nomad community.

And why is that? Because to make money with Affiliate marketing you don’t need to spend money first to produce any products or courses. Neither on staff to take care of the clients. You just need to sell recommend products from others to your community or readers. From every sale you make you get from 4 to 80% commission. 

On a later stage, when you make money already you can think about your next step. Maybe bringing out your own online course or product. But by then, you will be earning money online already. 

These steps sounds really simple. In reality it’s much more work, but those are the first steps you need to take. Find your passion and learn the basic steps to start affiliate marketing. 

So remember what I told you before? That you needed a passion, to learn and last, never give up!

3. Never give up!

The last point is the most important. Never ever give up on your dream. That phrase sounds like something Rocky Balboa would say, I know. But it is true.

Did you know that over 99% of all people who tried the Online Marketing thing failed because they just gave up to early.

It is not that the 1 % is better. They are not 10000 better than the 99%. In fact sometimes they know less and are not as hard working as other people may be. But they all have one skill in common that the 99% that don’t make it don’t have.

They never gave up. They worked their asses off. And believe me when I say that some of them would be happy if they earned 100$ after 8 Months. We were so happy when we made our first 100$ online.

In fact I know a few online marketers who didn’t earn a single penny for the first year. I even know someone who was in depth after 2 years of trying to become a digital nomad. He was stuck in Thailand and spend his last money on a ticket for an online marketing congress. 2 months after the congress he made 12000 euro profit. Risking everything made him achieve his dream.

So they key to earn money online is consistency. Just following your passion, and keep working. Nowadays it may not be as easy as it was before, but if you don’t give up, and become that 1% who didn’t give up you will make it. 

I believe you make faster progress with help on your site. Take advice from people that have what  you want. That have already achieve it and follow their path and see what you can do better. I really recommend to check this out for more. And if you really want to know what exactly we did send us a mail for questions or a Skype coaching. 



We have put our best tips on how to start an online business in this Ebook. Here we tell you how me made our first 100$ online. It was a great feeling, and we want you to have the chance to make it too. How to make your first 100$ online

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