5 Places to Eat Very Cheap in Berlin

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Berlin, the capital city of Germany, with over 3,5 million inhabitants. Berlin is a city of diversity, where you can find people from everywhere in the world. This diversity also reflects on the food. In this city you will find all kinds of food. The best food for vegans to meet lovers, from german to asian food and from all around the globe.

Since it has so many places to offer, we thought we will make you a short list of our must eat while in Berlin. And like always, for the best price possible.

1. Cebo’s Gemüsedöner

Germany, and Berlin are know for the many Döner shops. Döner kebap was invented by Kadir Nurman in Berlin. This grilled meat original from turkey was put on a bread as we know it today first time 1972. Kadir Nurman realised that the Berlin lifestyle didn’t let people sit down to eat, and put the meat on the bread so they could take it with them and it eat along the way.

Nowadays it is very popular, and there are more then 1400 Döner “restaurants” in Berlin alone. But like for everything, some places are better than others.

The most famous one is Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap. But due to it’s fame it is always full. You will have to stand at least for 30 minutes in line.

Döner Cebo's Gemüsekebap

That’s why we have another one, Cebo’s Gemüsedöner. If you are into shopping, this kebab is perfect place for you. Schloßstraße is a street with 4 malls and a lot of shops, and what better break then one of the best kebaps in the city.  The only thing, don’t go on a Sunday, because it will be closed, as well as all the stores.

Location: Schloßstraße with Muthesiusstraße, in Steglitz.

2. Sahara Imbiss

Sahara is a sudanese restaurant. It has amazing food. You can eat falafel, halloumi, magali, kofta… And you can choose if you want it on a bread or on a plate.

But what makes this place so special is the AMAZING peanut sauce they have. They pour over your food the best peanut sauce ever. There are in several locations in Berlin, so you definitely need to try it.

Sahara Imbiss

Locations: Sahara Imbiss has 3 different locations.

Kreuzberg: Eisenbahnstraße 44,10997 Berlin
Neukölln: Herfurthstr. 5, Berlin, 12049
Schöneberg: Ebersstraße 74, Berlin, 10827

3. Yoyo Foodworld – Vegan Imbiss

Everyday there are more people turning vegan. People get more conscious about health and the environment and change the way they eat. And if you are vegan Berlin is a great city. It has a lot of vegan option.

Yoyo burgers

One of our favourites it the Yoyo Imbiss. It has pizza, hamburgers, wraps… ALL VEGAN! And really good. You will find it in Friedrichshain. In that area you will find more vegan options and is also a great place to walk around and drink something, because it offers a lot of bars and restaurants.

Location: Gärtnerstraße 27, 10245 Berlin

4. Mae Charoen Thai Imbiss

You will find that in Berlin there are a lot of Thai and Vietnamese people. And for that same reason you can find a lot of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.

We found our favourite Thai. I went to Thailand last year, and since I’ve got back I’ve tried couple of Thai restaurants in Europe, but they didn’t convince me that much. This one did. And let’s not talk about the prices. The most expensive plate will cost you 7 euros.

Mae Charoen Thai Imbiss Berlin

So if you like Thai food, definitely try Mae Charoen. It’s not big, and most of the time full, but definitely worth trying.

Location: Sonnenallee 134, 12059 Berlin

5. Fadi Food

Fadi food offers Oriental food, for very very affordable prices. You can eat shawarma, falafel, and different oriental plates. They have burgers and pizzas aswell. And then they have Manakish, which is our personal favourite.

Manakish is some kind of Arabic pizza. It’s made out of some kind of pizza dough, very thin, topped with different things like thyme, cheese, meat… it is really good!


And the best thing about Fadi Food are the prices, starting from 1€ for Manakish, 2,5€ for a shawarma and up to around 8 euros for the plates.

Location: Potsdamer Straße 117, 10783 Berlin


Hopefully now you are ready to get some good food in Berlin, and for the lowest prices. If you want tips on how to travel the world on a low budget after you found the best flight then you should download our FREE E-Book with the best tips on How to Travel the World with 30$ a day.

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