About us

Welcome to our Blog!

We are Carla and Oli, and together we run Exciting Adventure. We are a couple on the road to becoming digital nomads, but for now we are only nomads.

Oliver is a personal trainer from Berlin. I studied industrial design in Valencia and then moved to Berlin for about a year, where I was working in tourism.

We both left our jobs, and everything we had in Berlin to become digital nomads. But we didn’t want to stay there to create an online business, so we left, and for now we are only nomads, on the way to become digital nomads.

Carla and Oli in El Cajas in Ecuador

We want to fulfil our dream, and be free to be able to do what we love. We want to travel, explore new places and get to know new cultures.

In this blog we are going to share with you our story. Starting on how we saved up money, how we left Berlin, and hopefully how we make money as digital nomads. We want to share with you all the process and inspire you to follow your dreams.

We believe that everybody should be free. And being free means having time to do the things you love. Be free to be where you want when you want. And we want that for everyone.

Hope you stick around for some Exciting Adventure.