Best things about General Villamil Beach (Playas)

After two days of being in Guayaquil, we went for a day trip to General Villamil, better known as Playas. Playas, which means Beaches, is located 96 Km from Guayaquil. It is one of the closest beaches to the city located in the Pacific ocean.

Playas has about 34.400 inhabitants, number that grow a lot during high season. It is a very common place for summer vacations. It has been a very important port for fisherman since it was funded, and it still is nowadays.

Due to the large amount of Ecuadorian and foreign tourists, the city of playas has a lot to offer, from resorts to places to eat and activities.

Playas Fisherman.

On the way

On the way from Guayaquil to Playas there are a lot of stands, where they sell fruits and coconut water. So we got a coconut, for only 1$, so Oli would be able to try it. You can just stop on the side of the road and get it from your car. If you finish it, they will open it up, and get the coconut “meat” out for you to eat. If you are going to stay in that area for a while, it is a good place to buy your fruits.

In Playas

Once we got to Playas, the first thing we did was go to the beach. We first stopped at the “Playa Rompe Olas”. Here all the fisherman come back when they are done fishing for the day, so you can see a lot of boats.

There are also a lot of eating options, and we decided to eat there. All those places offer the traditional dishes eaten in the Ecuadorian coast. Those dishes are ceviche, which can be made out of shrimps, oysters, seashells… As well as arroz marinero, which is rice with a lot of seafood, or fried fish.

Places to eat on the Beach

Another place with good eating options in Playas is the intersection from Av. Paquisha and Av. Jaime Roldós Aguilera. This is just one parallel street to the beach, and it has different restaurants on three corners of the intersection. It is a great place to try typical dishes.

Fried fish with a side of Patacones and rice

For weak stomachs try to always eat fried or cooked dishes. This way you will avoid food poisoning. It is also recommended to drink coke or bear instead of water and juices, which could be done with dirty water.

What to do in Playas?

In the beaches of playas you can find different activities, like the Banana, which you can go up with up to 8 people, and it costs around 3$ for half an hour.

You can also rent out chairs and parasols to enjoy the beach without getting sunburned. In Ecuador you need to be careful with the sun, because it is really strong. So make sure to always be protected and to always have sunscreen on you.

Oli with the boats in the back

Alongside from the Malecón you can also find shopping opportunities from craft products, such as neckless, dresses, lamps…

If you are into surfing, there are good waves to do so. Playa del Engabao is a good option to surf. If you are interested in learning how to surf, Playas offers opportunities, one of them is Karma Ecuador.

Puerto Morro and Posorja

If you like dolphins this is a great place to go see them. In any of those you can take boats that will take you dolphins watching. This is a cool thing to do as a half-day activity.

Beaches in Canton Playas

Other beaches

If you are looking for a quite beach, Playa Rosada is a good option. Here you can enjoy with your family and friends. It is a quite place to relax, but also a beautiful place for hiker.

Another cool beach to visit for adventurous people is the Playa el Pelao. It is the perfect beach for a good walk. This beach also is the perfect place for people that want to camp on the beach. It is a save place to camp and enjoy a night at the beach.

Surf boards on the beach

You can also visit el Faro, here is where the oyster fisherman come back after they are done fishing for the day. Here you can also buy fresh oysters, and it is not as busy as the beaches directly by the city.

Life in Playas

Now you know a little bit more about what to do if you get to Playas. If you want to know more about Ecuador, and the top places to visit in the country, check out our blog post about where to go and what to do in Ecuador.



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