Expolingua. Language Expo in Berlin

Two days ago, Friday, we went to the Expolingua. It is a language Expo which takes place in Berlin.

Both of us are very interested in languages. I, Carla, speak 4 languages, and want to learn Italian, and Oli is learning Spanish right now.

So since both of us are very interested in the subject and want to learn more languages we decided to go.

Expolingua. Language Expo

So we got ourselves some free entry tickets and went. We had seen the program but didn’t have any expectations.

It wasn’t as big as we thought it would be, but it was still very interesting. There where many language schools, apps to learn languages, books, and many more. We went through all the stands, and there were almost every language represented somehow.

What did we like?

We discovered a really cool app called Beelinguapp. This apps has short stories and texts in many languages. So what happens is that you would choose the language you want to learn and your mother tongue.

Then the app will show you the chosen text in the language you want to learn and in the other half of the screen in your mother tongue. So you can read the text, and if there is something you don’t understand you can look to the other side and see the meaning. It also allows you to save the words you want, so you can go back if you need them again.

Another thing we saw that we really liked are the new comic books coming out from compact. These are comic books but with the language level adapted, so that you can start reading according to your level. Unfortunately they are pretty new and for now they just have level A1. But the good thing is that they are working on new books for other levels, so that everyone can enjoy them.

And… we travelled to Argentina

Argentina also had a stand, representing the country and offering exchange programs for language learning. We stopped because we are thinking of going to Argentina during our South America trip. We got a huge map and some places recommendations.

But why did I say that we travelled there? They had awesome VR glasses, where they had the most amazing pictures from the best parts of every province in Argentina. It was just great. We really felt like we were there for that moment, and it made us just want to jump in the plane right away.

And Korea!

There was also a stand from Korea. They called us to their stand to play a game they had for learning the Korean alphabet. Then for participating they gave us a shot glass and a polaroid picture.

One of them also showed us some games they had for small kids to learn the Korean alphabet in an interactive way. It was really cool. Even though it was for kids, I felt like it would also help me.

They were so nice that it made Oliver want to learn Korean, and it grew the interest in learning about their country and culture.

Talk time!

Afterwards we also went to two different talks.

We saw a talk in the program that had the topic “love out loud”. It sounded really interesting, so we decided to go. Fiel Sahir was the speaker. He spoke about how we should approach other people and show interest for them. How just asking someone about their country or saying a word in their language you will make them smile. If you want to know more about it, check out his site Between 3 Worlds.

And that way of thinking he talked about is a philosophy that we believe more people should live by. There are so many countries and cultures in the world, and getting to know them just enriches you.

We believe that getting to know them, would make that the people have less prejudices and that there wouldn’t be that much racism in the world.

Talk time!

Another talk we wanted to go to was from Gabriel Gelman, “Strategies to effective language learning”. That one we found very interesting. It’s always good to get tips from polyglots in order to know what works best for them, maybe it works also for you. Now, when we approach another language, we know what’s important. If you want to learn more about effective language learning methods and you speak german you can check out his blog Sprachheld.

What do we take from the expo?

The talks, and the expo in general motivated us even more to learn another languages. Seeing how many languages there are, and what they allow you just makes you want to start right away. Also seeing all the methods that there are and the many language programs offered, makes it easier to learn the language and get in contact with it.



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