How to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere


To go on a trip, the first thing you usually need is a cheap flight. And the cheaper the better. We all want to have still money left to spend while traveling in the country. Nowadays we are lucky that there are many low budget companies and many search engines that have made it easier to search for flights from everywhere. So in this post we want to share with you our tips on how to find the best flights.

1.Be flexible on the dates and times you fly

It is always easier to find a cheap flight if you are flexible on when to fly. High seasons, like for example easter, summer or Christmas, are bad days to fly. Airlines now when something is going on: festivals, conferences, festivities…  and they raise the prices. So if you have your mind set on one place you want to go, just be flexible with the dates you fly.

Usually flying during week days is cheaper than flying for the weekend. Most people want to travel during the weekends so the Airlines raise the prices for those days.

Be also flexible with the hours. Flying on early or late flights is usually cheaper. People don’t want to wake up extra early to catch a flight, so these flights are often cheaper. So, if you don’t mind waking up early you will get the best deals.

2. Be flexible with your destination

If you can’t be flexible with the dates you have to fly, be flexible with the destination. Maybe New York isn’t the cheapest the days you want to fly, but maybe you can to San Francisco for half the price. There is always a good deal to some destination. There are many search engines that allow you to do a flexible search to the cheapest destinations during your chosen dates.

And the best option is if you can be flexible with dates and destination. That combination will allow you to find the best deals. Sometimes airlines make mistakes, sometimes you have last minute deals to somewhere in the world. So if you are flexible with both, dates and destinations, you are up for some travel fun!

3. Fly budget airlines

Nowadays we are lucky that there are a lot of budget airlines. They are expanding their routes, so now it’s easier to travel also between continents. With companies like Norwegian which fly from Europe to the United States or to Bangkok or Singapore. Or WOW flying from Island to different cities in Europe and the United States. In Asia we can find AirAsia with cheap flight around Asia and to Australia. And in Europe you can find Ryanair, with really cheap flights all around Europe. I flew to Belgium for only 5 Euros!

The only thing with this Airlines is that you have to be careful with their extra fees. A lot of them will charge you for extra bag, for printing your boarding pass, for booking a seat… So as long as you inform yourself and follow their policy, flying these airlines is a lot of times the best option.

4. Don’t alway fly direct, try different combination

Taking a direct flight is for sure more comfortable, but sometimes also more expensive. For example we were looking for flights to Ecuador. We had to go to Guayaquil, but often flying to Quito was much cheaper. From Quito you can get to Guayaquil with local company and even buying that flight separate, it is cheaper than buying a direct flight to Guayaquil. Usually if it saves us more than 100-150 bucks we will do it this way.

This is also very common when flying long fights from or to Europe. Maybe you want to fly to Paris. But flying direct to Paris is more expensive than flying to London, and then taking a Ryanair or other low cost company’s flight from London to Paris. And same thing when flying out. Maybe by flying out from another city, you can save yourself some Mooooney!

Make sure you consider all the options, and check alternative airports. To do this an easy tool is Skyscanner where you can just put in a country as a whole, which makes the searching easier. Another good one is google flights, where you have the explore option. Here you can just put the airport you want to fly out from, and it will show you all the deals available to anywhere in the world. From there you can see where it would be cheaper to fly in the continent you want to go, and then you can search for a connection fly, and see if it is cheaper than the direct one.

5. Compare different search engines

Not all the search engines have the same prices, so make sure to compare couple of them. Our personal favourites are:

We always like to compare at least in these three, sometimes also Agoda or Kayak, and then when we find the flight we want, we also compare it in the companies website. Sometimes it is the same, sometimes cheaper and sometimes even more expensive. If it is the same, I personally prefer to book it on the official site, but that is just personal preference.

To look for flights around Europe you can also consider searching directly in Ryanair. If the route you want to do is flown by Ryanair it will be probably the cheapest option. They also have the fare finder, where you can say from where you want to fly out, and you can either chose where or say to anywhere. Then you can put a maximum budget and Ryanair will find you the cheapest places and dates to go!

6. Change your location

For example when looking for flights through Asia, change your location to an Asian country. Sometimes the prices are higher if you are booking local flights from abroad.

So when booking local flights try to change the website to the location you are flying from, and sometimes you will see the prices drop. This may also sometimes mean that the site will be in the local language, but everybody can read numbers, and thank god we have google translate.

How to use our favourite search engines

Now we will show you with some pictures how to use our favourite search engines to get the most out of it.


So, Skyscanner is our overall favourite because of it’s flexible search. You can search to anywhere, from a specific airport, or from a whole country. You can search on specific dates, the whole mont, or the cheapest month. And this is how it works. You select your preferred destinations and dates:

Skyscanner search 1

We selected from Berlin to Anywhere, and in the cheapest month, so total flexibility. And then you get a list of the cheapest flights from Berlin in the cheapest month.

Skyscanner search 2

Now you see that the cheapest flight is From Berlin to Romania. You press on that offer, and it will show you which cities in Romanian are the cheapest. In this case Timisoara. Once you press it it will show you the whole month calendar with the cheapest days. And then you are ready to book!

Skyscanner search 3


Momondo also allows you to a general search on what is cheaper at what moment. And it does it through the trip finder:

Momondo search 1

Then it gives you the option to choose Between “anything”, “anytime” and “anywhere”. You can choose to select just one of them, or all three. You can also adjust the budget on how much you want to spend.

Momondo search 2

Momondo search 3

Momondo search 4

So, for the example we chose that we want to go to South America and that our budget is 600 euros.

Momondo search 5

Now we get the results for our search. You can arrange how you want it sorted by, we chose cheapest. And this is how it looks:

Momondo search 6

3. Google Flights

In google flights you also have an Explore options, which is more visual than the ones from Skyscanner and Momondo. When you access google flights you will find Explore destinations.

Google Flights search 1

Acces it ant it will show a world map. It will allow you to enter your departure airport, and then it will ask you to enter a country, continent or anything you want to look for.

Google Flights search 2

So we tried from Berlin to South America. And for the chosen days this is our best option according to Google Flights.

Google Flights search 3



We hope you enjoyed our post, and that t will help you to find always the best deals for your next flight. If you want tips on how to travel the world on a low budget after you found the best flight then you should download our FREE E-Book with the best tips on How to Travel the World with 30$ a day.E-bookk Travel with 30$ a day

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