Thinking of living in Berlin, should I do it?

Hey our dear friends! Today we will look into a topic many people are interested in. Should someone experience the Berlin lifestyle?

Why do we think we can tell you something about Berlin? Well me, Oliver, was born here and Carla is living here now, and her total stay will be from about 10 Months. Since we are living in this wonderful city right now and there a lot of people that want to live in Berlin or at least travel to Berlin, we decided to write our first post about it. So we got both perspectives as a tourist/foreigner, and from a local.

But first, lets be clear, what do the people expect when they come to Berlin? and can it be fulfilled?

Most people have heard that Berlin is THE place for Parties.

Well that’s very true if you like Electronic Music but if you are more the reggeaton/pop type of party guy than is the Berlin Party scene probably not for you.

We are not quite the Electronic fans, but even for us the city has some places to offer, maybe not far as many as we would like though.

Another thing we don’t like in Berlin is the drug culture. The techno culture in Berlin is very big, but unfortunately that brings along a high consume of chemical drugs. Some people abuse them when going party, as if you couldn’t have fun without them.

What we realised is that a lot of people who had never taken drugs before tried them here. And since it is so “normal” here, they just kept doing it every weekend, what for sure is not healthy. Some ended up having serious drug problems after they move to Berlin. So please be careful which friends you choosebecause we are the average of the 5 friends we hang up the most with.

We would advice you to stick to the many healthy options Berlin have to offer!

Oberbaumbrücke Berlin

Berlin is a alternative place!

Yes, that is really true! This city has so many things to offer that it doesn’t matter what your are looking for, you will find it.

Are you vegan? Berlin offers A LOT of Vegan restaurants.

Are you a hipster? Well than check out Mauerpark and all the second hand stores that this city has to offer, you’ll love it!

Are you Gay? No problem, we don’t care!

This is what Makes Berlin so especial, it doesn’t matter where you come from who you love what you do, this city does not judge. You even can take public transport just in your underwear (yes we saw that), and no one will care.

In Berlin you can be yourself and no one will ever judge you for that!

Berlin is cheap!

Well, if you plan to move to here I have to disappoint you.

Maybe the food is cheaper than in other European countries and even the rent might be lower, but if you will be working in Berlin you will realise that the salaries are also lower. And since Berlin is getting so popular, even rooms in shared apartments are getting more and more expensive. You can still find rooms for about 300 euros, but it will go up until 500 euros.

So if you want to live here we recommend  to live a little bit outside the city center, you will find that the prices drop a lot.

Another great tip is to buy your food on the local Turkey markets or Turkey stores it is much cheaper than the Supermarkets. If you want to eat outside, we made a list of our Top 5 places to eat cheap in Berlin.

I need to speak German?

Even though we would recommend to speak the language of the country you want to live in (Oli is currently learning spanish for Ecuador) in Berlin you don’t actually need German to survive.  It is a very multicultural city, and you can find people literally from everywhere. So even to get a job, you don’t really need german.  It is always better to speak at least a little to get better jobs though. Another reason we recommend to speak german, is to get to know the people better. Even though many germans nowadays speak english, there are some places where this is not the case. Anyway, speaking the language always helps.

Jobs at Hostels are nice but they are usually not paid well.

But believe us when we say that in Berlin you come through with almost no german at all. I worked at a gym here in Berlin and spoke barely 20 mins a day in german. And Carla is working in tourism and speaks german once a week.

If you want to have some tips on how to learn a foreign language in no time (3 months)

let us know so we can write a new post about it.

Would we recommend to live in Berlin?

If you are looking for an open-minded city where you can do whatever you want without being judge, than you should give Berlin definitely a try! We we would also recommend to come during the summer, its way better then the winter. There are also many more things going on, like open-airs.

We would also say that one to two years is more than enough. Berlin has a lot to offer, but if you are mainly looking for partying and having fun, you can get into that lifestyle that can get boring really fast. In addition you are exposed to the chance to fall into really bad habits really fast without noticing.

If you are conscious about all this things, you can really enjoy this city and even choose it as your home. It has a very interesting historical background and many cultural things going on all the time. It is also a great city for artists due to the many opportunities this city has to offer.

If you are looking into making a short trip to Berlin you should definitely come, you will have a lot of fun. We are also planning a blog post on what to do in Berlin so if you are interested in it let us know.

Last but not least, if you want to travel more with almost no money download our free E-book. In there we will show our secrets on how to Travel with almost nothing!

See you in the next post

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