How we made our first 100$ online

When we started this blog we just wanted to share our travels. But now, after some months it has changed.

We not only want to share our travels with you, we also want to share everything else. Including how we learn new languages and how we try to become digital nomads.

If you don’t know what a digital nomad is I will explain it for you. It’s simply someone who has some kind of online business or job and is location independent. This makes it possible for him/her to be anywhere they want, and travel as much as they want. Sounds great right?

At least it is what we thought when we heard about it. We thought about it for a few days and then we decided that that’s the way we want to go.

But where to start?

For us it was not an option to build the business before leaving Germany, where we were living. The main reason is that for us it was just not enough pressure. Our live was not bad there, so we didn’t have the drive to change the situation. But of course we love to travel, and we wanted to do it more often, and if possible for ever.

So we decided to leave Germany and travel through South America. We wouldn’t have an income during that time. Only our savings that where about 6.000 Euro and a new goal.

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I guess many of you will think that it is nothing special. And that’s the reason we want to start to document our process on how we become digital nomads. We want to show you that it takes nothing special to chase your dream. It just needs actions.

And I mean who cares if we don’t make it? We can still go back and do some job in Europe we don’t like, Carla can still do her Master later.

But right now we need to try it so we don’t regret it when we are old! We are young and if now now, then when?

But lets get to the topic, what exactly did we do until now? And how much money did we make?

Before I give you the answer I have to quote a friend of mine who makes a lot of money online. He told me: “If you know how to make 1$ online, you have all the tools to make 10k bro”

Well, we not only made 1$ we made it to 100$. And yes, I know that doesn’t sound like much but for us it is a big achievement because we made it on our own, without a boss.

How did we make that money online?

First we started to set up this blog and it was a hell lot of work because we had no idea how to set up a blog. But we learned all the things we needed to know in endless hours of youtube videos, courses, books.. And finally we ended up with what we have right now.

We made lots of changes at the beginning, but I would suggest that when starting out you just get your content out there. As long as it looks okey, and it easy to use, get it out. You are going to be making changes anyways later, so just start!

If you keep reading our blog I am sure you will find a lot of tips about it.

At the same time we grew our Instagram account from 0 to more than 4.500 Followers. We use it to drive traffic to our blog.

We also started writing some guest post. But to be honest in that task we are far behind. But we are now working on it and we will keep improving here and let you know how to get them.

We wrote a freebie (Free giveaway). It is basically a little ebook about how to travel with less then 30$ a day. We did that to get people into our Email list which we use to get a stronger bond to our followers.

To do that you need an email responder because you don’t want to be writing hundreds of people one by one. With an email responder you can write the emails in advance and automate everything.

After we learned all the things about marketing and setting up our first page it was time to start promoting things we already used and found great.

To get the Affiliate links for the course that we wanted to promote we searched in Clickbank. Here you can find a lot of products with different commissions.

After a few weeks I woke up and checked my app and we had made 100$ over the night!

Can you imagine how I felt? I contacted Carla seconds later and just told her that we made 100$ while we slept, how amazing is that?

We know that we still have a long way to go.It will be really hard and sometimes we will be close to quitting. But the feeling of making money while sleeping is hopefully stronger than the anger and frustration.

If you also want to start an online business let us now maybe we can help you. Or maybe if you already have an online business you can help us fulfill our dream!

But it doesn’t matter if you want to start a business or not, the only thing which matters is that you are happy with your path. If you are not, you have to try everything to change your situation to something you are happy with.

If you think we can help you with your problems let us know !



We have put our best tips on how to start an online business in this Ebook. Here we tell you how me made our first 100$ online. It was a great feeling, and we want you to have the chance to make it too. How to make your first 100$ online


*Some of our post might contain affiliate links. This won’t change the price of the products, it will just help us run our blog. 

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