Procrastination. Last minute planning

After a long time planning and looking forward to our trip, it is finally time. Today morning we left Berlin to go to Stuttgart, because our flight leaves tomorrow from here.

Even though we have been planning this trip for a long time, somehow we left almost everything for last minute. Procrastination seems to be our thing.

And it all started with the planning

We knew that we didn’t want to stay in Berlin much longer, so we decided that by the end of the year we would leave the city. Our first thought by that time was work and travel in Australia.

Since we decided kind off late I didn’t have all the documents needed to apply for the visa the day the application opened. We knew that for Spain they were only a certain amount of visas available, so we decided to change destination.

Since I wanted to go spend Christmas with my family in Ecuador, and Oli always wanted to go to South America, we changed our destination. We decided to stay 2-3 months in Ecuador, and then travel South America.

And that has been our plan until 2 or 3 weeks before leaving. We got offered the chance to do a bit of volunteering work in Mexico, so we also want to go there.

As you see, we haven’t figure it out all the way yet, so if you want to know where our journey will take us, keep reading our blog every week.

Deciding when to leave

As we said, our initial plan was to go to Australia, and we were thinking to leave beginning of 2018. When we changed our destination to Ecuador, we changed our date to, because I wanted to spend Christmas there.

So we wanted to go around December 15th. At the end, that date ended up being 27th of November. We got Stand-by tickets from my aunt, so we had to go before the Christmas season starts to be able to still fly.

So now, November 26th we are here in Stuttgart, about to go to bed because tomorrow morning we need to be early at the airport.

Making reservations

Until 3 days ago we didn’t have our plane tickets yet. My aunt is very relax when it comes to the tickets, so she always buys them last minute. So 3 days ago she bought them and told us that Monday was good to fly.

That was the moment when we started looking for ways to get to Stuttgart, and accommodation for the night that we had to spend there. Even though we looked, we didn’t do the reservations until 2 days ago. That is how bad procrastination is in our case sometimes.

But until today, since we hope everything goes well, but we don’t know if we are going to fly or not until boarding is almost finish, we haven’t buy a ticket to get from Quito to Guayaquil. So that will be a last minute buy. I will have my lovely cousin buy us a plane ticket from Quito to Guayaquil, the moment we know we board the plane in Atlanta. No risk, no fun!


When it comes to packing, the 2 worst found each other. Both of us are the very last minute packers. The problem this time is that we were leaving Berlin for an indefinite amount of time, and we had to clean d<  the apartment.

The problem is since we didn’t have the tickets, we didn’t start. Procrastination, you know! So the moment we got the tickets we started panicking a bit, because they where still so many things to do. Believe it or not, even though we knew how much we had to do, somehow we didn’t really do much anyways.

So the last two days we started cleaning out, throwing things away… And finally, last night, packing, packing, packing. At least we had done something, and had already bought beforehand gifts for the family, and most of the things needed for the trip.

But either way, starting packing at 7pm, when you are leaving for an indefinite amount of time and need to clean the place is not recommended. But, it all worked out, and with not much sleep, but with everything packed, we made it to Stuttgart.

And what next?

Once we make it to Ecuador, we want to spend the first weeks with my family in Guayaquil. With the occasional weekend trip.

After New Years we want to travel around the country. I have been already there, but there are some many places I haven’t been, and so many more that I want to show Oliver. So we will take one or two months to explore the country.

Afterwards we want to travel to Peru, and from there go to Mexico to work a bit. And we want to share everything with you.

As we said, now we have the night to enjoy and relax for our flight tomorrow morning. We are super excited, and hope that you follow us on our journey!



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