How to Save Money for Your Next Trip

Many people say that they don’t travel because travelling is very expensive. We believe that if you really want to you can find ways to do it. Right now we are planning our next trip, which will start in Ecuador where we will stay for 3 months. After that we want to travel 3 or 4 more countries in South and Central America, with a stay from 2-3 months in each one.

So, we want to be travelling for about 1 year. One year away from home, from our fix income, from everything. yes, we need money. And for the past 3 months we have been saving as much as we can. And here we want to share our best saving tips with you.

Put money aside

The first thing we did when we started saving was to buy a Piggy bank for our savings. We find it hard to leave the money untouched if it is still in the bank account. To avoid spending the money we want to save we bought the piggy bank.

So first day every month, once we get the pay check, we withdraw the amount of money we want to save. Then we put in the piggy bank immediately.

It doesn’t need to be a piggy bank, because you might not like to have that much cash at home. You can just have a savings account, where you transfer the money right away when you get your pay check.

The key is to have that money aside, where you won’t touch it, to avoid the temptation of spending it.

Save on groceries 

There are ways to save up on groceries. Don’t go to the most expensive supermarket just because it’s across the street. Try to go to the ones that are cheaper, even if you have to walk or drive a bit further.

For example we buy all our fruits and vegetables at a Turkish supermarket because it is usually much cheaper there. Know where is what cheaper and go buy it there. Sometimes it can be more of a pain in the ass, because you have to go to different places, but you will notice that you spend much less.

Also cut down on what you buy. A lot of times we buy way too much and at the end we have to through things away. Buy what you really need and what you are going to eat. Buy the cheaper brands…

Write down what you need and stick to it

When you go shopping for groceries, make a list of what you need and stick to it. Plan what you want to eat and buy just that.

A lot of times when you go shopping you are hungry. When you walk through the aisles you tend to buy everything that you feel like eating at that moment.

That’s way a good thing to do is writing down what you need and just getting the things you really need. This is not only for groceries. As well as if you go shopping, just get the things you really need and not everything you like.

Stop eating out

Eating out is usually expensive and it’s not very healthy. So stop eating out all the time. If you work and need to eat at work, take your lunch with you. Cook the night before and take a Tupperware with you.

If you know that you are going to be out long and that you are going to get hungry, take always a snack with you to avoid buying something on the street. If we are hungry we tend to buy whatever we see first at that moment. Try to avoid it.

You will see how this saves you a lot of money, and you will also be eating healthier. So it’s a win-win situation.

When meeting with friends

When meeting with friends stop meeting always for drinks in the most expensive bars. Or always for dinner. Don’t always meet at Starbucks.

Instead you could invite your friends over for dinner. Meet for a coffee in a cheaper place or at home as well. Or have a couple of drinks at someones place, so you are able to bring your own drinks you bought much cheaper in the supermarket.

Find alternative plans that are not that expensive. Find free events going on, where you don’t have to pay entry fee. And if you are going out every weekend cut it down to one or two weekends a month.

Sometimes you can’t save anymore 

You will reach a point where you can’t save anymore, because you will still need to cover you basic expenses. Yes you can save on groceries, on clothes, on stuff… But you still need to eat, need your transportation cover, your rent…

So what you need to do then is to make more money, and some ways to do it are:

Sell stuff you don’t need 

We all have things at home that we don’t use anymore or that we have never used. Get rid of all those things that you don’t need anymore. Put them online and sell them, go to a flee market… There will be people that might need those things and will be willing to give you a couple bucks for them.

Get a second job 

You may work part-time, or even full-time, but you may still have some time left where you could work for a couple of hours more. All these extra income that you would not have other way just put it aside in your savings account right away.

Work in events on the weekends, find friends or people that need help and that are willing to pay you something for your service…

You will just be doing it for a while, so it doesn’t have to be the most amazing job.

Work online 

There are a lot of ways to work online. Maybe you are good writing, maybe you are good with graphic design or teaching a language. You can search for jobs in pages like fiverr, which will allow you to get a side income. Take also a look at remote job directory.

This will also allow you to make money as you are travelling, not only before leaving. So it’s a really good way to keep your budget growing as you spend it.

Create an online business

As good as the online jobs that you take once in a while, wouldn’t it be better to do it yourself instead of depending on someone else?

Build your own online business. With it you could keep travelling since you can run it from everywhere in the world as long as you have internet.

Find your passion and turn it into something profitable. Start a blog, start youtube, find a way to share your passion with others and start making money out of it.

If you want to know more on how to build an online business than check this out. We also wrote a post about this topic, you can check it out here.

Find cheap flights and accommodation 

Be flexible on dates and look for flights in advance. Find the cheapest flights. We always look for our flights in Skyscanner. It allows you to do very flexible searches and that is why we love it.

Usually accommodation is the most expensive part of the trip. That is why we recommend to do take a look at platforms like Workaway, Grassroots Volunteering or WWOOF. In these platforms you can find families that have farms, hotels… and that give you accommodation in exchange for work. So you might work a couple of hours a day, but it will save you a lot of money, and sometimes you get food as well.

We think this is a pretty cool option, because not only you are saving a lot of money, but you also get to live with locals, get to experience more the country, their people and their culture. There are also things that you can do while travelling in order to make the most out of your budget.

And… Never give up!

And just because you eat out once, or you bought more groceries than you needed, don’t stop saving. Not because you spend once money that was meant to be saved on a pair of shoes it means that you won’t be able to save up the money you need.

Maybe you will have to work one more shift, or take one more project on fiver. But at the end you will not regret it, when you see that you were able to save up all you wanted, and that you are now able to afford your trip.


We hope you liked your tips and that they will help you save for your next trip. If you want tips on how to travel the world on a low budget then you should download our FREE E-Book with the best tips on How to Travel the World with 30$ a day.

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