How to Save Money While Travelling

When we think of travelling, first we think that we have to save money, and usually a lot. Most of us think of it as something very expensive to do. But it does not always have to be like that. There are many things that we can do in order to make our travels cheaper.

In this post we want to share with you some tips that you can take into consideration while travelling. Just by changing some simple things on your travels you can find yourself saving a lot of money.


Look for free activities

There are a lot of things that can be done in every city for free or little money. Search for any events that might be going while you are in the city. Maybe some local festivity or a cool festival.

Museums often have a day a month where they are free, maybe you are lucky enough to be there for it. Some museums might be free, or often they offer cheaper admission after a certain time. So do a little searching before visiting the city.

Join the free walking tours

Many cities offer free walking tours. This is a great way to get to know the city. This tours offer great information, and will usually show you the things that you must see in a city.

From the tour guides you can also get a lot of advise on other places to visit during your stay or things to do. Ask them also for places to eat or go party, they will know!

Don’t eat near tourist attractions

Everywhere around tourist attractions prices tend to be raised. Everything from eating and drinking to souvenirs will be more expensive. So always go at least 4 blocks away from the tourist attractions and you will notice how prices will drop immediately.

Another good advise is to always ask locals for places to eat. Most likely they will tell you the places they go too, so they won’t be the touristy ones. And even better if you ask students, because they are most likely like you on a budget, and will know the cheap places.

Get a place with fridge or kitchen

If you get a room or Airbnb with fridge or kitchen you will be able to cook yourself. This is cheaper than eating out all the time.

Get some groceries in the local markets, which are usually cheaper. If not, find out which the cheapest supermarkets are and get some groceries there. You can cook then in your room and you will be saving a lot of money.

Take some snacks with you

When going out for the day, take some snacks with you. Buy some snacks in the supermarket or get some food from the breakfast at your hostel. So that if you get really hungry, you have at least something to snack until you are back at to cook something, or until you find a  cheap place to eat.

Get cheap accommodation

Accommodation is usually the most expensive part of a trip. So stay in hostels instead of hotels, they are almost always cheaper. And it does not matter if you have to share a room, you won’t spend much time in it anyways.

Check also Airbnb, they often have better deals than hostels. Or if you are travelling with a lot of people is usually better to get an apartment for all of you.

Couchsurfing is another great option, and free. Find a host you like and contact them. The great thing about Couchsurfing is that you also get in contact with local people, that can show you things you might not get to see otherwise.

Choose a good location

When booking your accommodation make sure to see where it is located. There are two options:

  • Choose something central. Book something that is in the city centre and close to everything. This way you will be able to walk everywhere and will save money on public transport. This might sometimes be a bit more expensive, but if transport is expensive in the city you are going, might end up saving you more money.
  • Choose a room a little bit further from the city center, but with easy access to the center. This will be cheaper than staying in the city center. If public transport runs good, and it’s not expensive, or you think that the city is so big that you will use it either way, this is a good option.

Split your rides

To travel inside the country, or between cities, always check out ride sharing apps like BlaBlaCar. This way you can sometimes save money compared to buses or trains.

Another great app that you can use in a lot of countries is Uber. Uber usually offers cheaper fears than taxis. And if you are a group, maybe taxi is cheaper than buying public transport tickets for all of you. Maybe it’s the same price, but faster and more comfortable. In some cities uber also offers ride sharing, which will save you some extra money compared to the solo ride.

Avoid big phone bills

When travelling mobile phone bills can get really expensive if we keep using it like we were at home. If you don’t have an international plan make sure to get your data off. To be on the safe side put your phone on flight mode and only use it with wi-fi.

Use apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber to talk with your friends and family while on your trip. This will be much cheaper than a regular call, since it’s for free.

Many companies nowadays are starting to offer international plans, with data and phone calls in many countries around the world. So if you are in one of those companies, make sure to take advantage of those offers.

Another great option is to buy a local SIM card. This are usually pretty cheap, and you will get the local rates, which in some places are extremely cheap.

Go off season and be flexible

Be flexible with the days you want to fly, and if possible also the destinations. To find better deals fly off season. Usually January is the cheapest month to travel. But after the main holidays like Summer, Easter or Christmas it is usually cheaper too. But search also for the low season in the destination you want to go, because it might be different than yours. There are not that many tourist for that time, so flights and accommodation are usually cheaper. There is more to choose from.

Pack light

When traveling it is always better to travel light. Some companies charge you extra for a bag, so traveling light you might save money in some situations.

It is also easier to move around with little luggage. You won’t feel the need to take a cab to get to your destination, instead you could walk or take public transport.



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