Weekend trip to the Ecuadorian Beaches

This last week we went for a 3 day trip to the beach. We love the beach, and unfortunately Guayaquil is not directly by the coast. The good thing it is really well connected, and within 45 min to 1 hour you can be by the closest beach.


So our first stop was Capaes, since it was where we had a house to stay. It is located just outside Ballenita, which is about 25 minutes from Salinas.

Los Capaes is actually a small residential area. It has about 60 homes, and it is a really nice place. It is located just by the beach, with beautiful views. All the houses are held in white and blue colors, giving it a Santorini vibe.

Capes from the top!

The beach is really nice, and since we went off season, it was really quite. The only thing there is that the waves are pretty strong, so that you have to be careful on what time of the day you go swimming.

Capaes beach


Afterwards we went for the morning to Salinas. Salinas is the biggest city close to Guayaquil. If offers all kind of accommodations, from resorts to low budget hostels.

Malecón in Salinas

The ocean in Salinas is quiet, so you will be always able to go for a swim. It also offers a lot of activities such as the banana, parasailing, boat tours… During high season make sure to make reservations, because Salinas is a very common destination and it will be full.

In Salinas a very nice place to visit is La Chocolatera. This is a place owned by the military, but open to the public. Here you can visit the Chocolatera, it is the point of land in Ecuador that sticks the furthest out in the pacific ocean.

La Chocolatera, Salinas

Here the waves crash with huge ferocity creating a white foam that never leaves the coast. This huge waves are due to the fact that two different currents meet at this point, creating the waves. This waves bring also the sand up to the surface, giving the water a nice brown colour.

In the same military space, but to the other side of the Chocolatera you can find La Loberia, where you can find sea lions. There is also a view point, from where you have a beautiful view of Salinas.

View point in La Chocolatera


Montañita is one of the most touristic places on the coast. This town is known for its party and hippie lifestyle. The town is full of hostels, and a lot of foreign and Ecuadorian tourists fill the streets during the weekends and high seasons.

Iguana in Montañita

In the water level in the beaches changes a lot during the day. The tide vary a lot, and if you are there for a couple of hours you will notice the changes. The beaches in montañita are very spacious and with beautiful views.

The waves are strong depending on the time of the day, and it is a very popular place also for surfers.

Oli swimming in the sea

Montañita offers a variety of accommodation opportunities, from 5$ per night up to 200$ or more. It is a town for all kinds of budgets. They also offer volunteering opportunities or jobs to people that speak english.


The next town after Montañita is Olón. This town is growing and is also turning into a beautiful beach destination. It has a lot of really nice hostels and hotels, also for every budget.

Olon Beach

The beach is wide, and has a lot of eating opportunities. Here you can try all typical dishes, right by the beach, and for very affordable prices. Here you can also do some activities, such as taking surf lessons.

Crabs in Olon Beach


Since we got to Ecuador we had in mind that we wanted to learn how to surf. So on our trip to the coast we wanted to try it out for the first time. Once in Montañita, we started asking for surf lessons.

We asked in a couple of places, since we were looking for classes for the next day. Prices where almost the same everywhere, but we finally met Bamboo. He introduced himself as Jonny, but everybody called him Bamboo.

Bamboo works for the Cilindro Surf School, which is located right by the beach, next to Dharma Beach Hotel. He spoke with such passion about surfing that he convinced us right away that he was the right person to take a class with.

The next day we went back to Montañita to see Bamboo. We told him that we wanted to take a class with him. He told us to come back around 3pm that day, because that was when the tide was going to be best for surfing that day.

Carla with the surf board

We went back and it was such an amazing experience. We had never tried it before, and we both manage to stand at least a bit on our first lessons. Oli made it a couple times, I made it in my last wave, but it was definitely worth it.

Oli standing in the wave

We loved Montañita, and we are definitely going back. We will share more stories about Montañita, because next time we are planning to stay there for a couple of days, and get into the Montañita lifestyle. Not to forget, we are going back to take surf lessons with Bamboo, because that was the most fun part of the trip.



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